Empowering Employees Regardless of Rank: Bolt's Unique Early Exercise Program Image

Empowering Employees Regardless of Rank: Bolt's Unique Early Exercise Program

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Conscious Culture founding company Bolt recently announced that it is launching a new program that allows employees to exercise their stock options early, before the traditional one year vesting schedule. Additionally, Bolt will provide tangible help for employees in the form of interest-free loans, making early exercise possible for anyone.

A Conscious Culture works to honor both high quality execution and people, with the belief that work improves when we prioritize people in company culture. Through championing initiatives that lead to tangible benefits for employees and business alike, a Conscious Culture is a culture built on purpose, with purpose.

Through initiatives such as early exercise and employee loans, Bolt is allowing employees to adopt a Founder Mentality in their work. Traditionally in startups employees have the option to exercise their equity after a period of a year or more; but Bolt believes that career paths aren’t linear and every member of the team should have the opportunity to invest in their company from the beginning.

“At Bolt, our success is defined not just by our outputs and achievements, but also by the culture we’re creating. Programs like Early Exercise help level the playing field for employees and empower them to enjoy the same privileges, regardless of rank.” Said Bolt’s CEO Maju Kuruvilla

Bolt’s Operating Value of a ‘Founder Mentality’ ties directly to Conscious Culture’s principle of doing good business, and committing to fair and ethical practices that benefit your company and your employees.

Sharing the news on Twitter, Founder and Executive Chairman Ryan Breslow said “When you care enough, you are willing to ask tough questions. At Bolt, we’re always committed to asking ourselves the tough questions. Especially when it comes to our people.”

As a founding member of Conscious Culture, Bolt has led the way with Conscious Culture initiatives including a four-day workweek experiment turned permanent working scheduling, and open sourcing Bolt’s culture playbooks.

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