Founder Mentality

We are moving fast and building a team of high performers. By this we mean not only delivering excellent work and outsized results, but also sharing a laser focus on achieving our mission.

At Bolt, we expect our team to embrace a founder mentality and approach every problem as if they own the company. Cultivating a team of entrepreneurial, creative “owners” means we are people who execute with great attention to detail, “connect the dots” across the organization, want to build something great, and are not afraid to get our hands dirty in the process. We have a bias for action and ensure that we are doing everything possible to move things forward to help achieve our goals.

Team members are given the responsibility and freedom to own projects and initiatives and are trusted to see them through to a successful end. We expect our teammates to hold themselves and others accountable, escalate issues when needed and to readily step up and take responsibility even outside of their domain.

In action, this means we:

  • Adopt an owner mentality for both our work and the company.
  • Think cross-functionally and seek to “connect the dots” across the organization.
  • Always keep the big picture in mind.
  • Trust our teammates to own and drive projects to successful completion.
  • Never say “that’s not my problem.”
  • Are biased toward action and empowerment, and away from micromanagement.
  • Will go all-hands-on-deck to solve unexpected challenges.
  • Hold ourselves and others accountable for timeliness, impact, and quality of our product and results.
  • Feel comfortable and encouraged to make decisions.
  • Encourage and embrace a diversity of thought and skills as a team.
  • Share context around the business impact of decisions.

This does not mean we:

  • Get stuck. We escalate things when necessary in order to keep forward momentum.
  • Overstep into other areas of the business. While a founder is accountable for everything, that doesn’t mean they are responsible for doing it all. We must trust our teammates to get things done and give each other the space to operate, grow, and demonstrate ownership.
  • Disregard individual motivations, career mobility, or desire for accomplishment.
  • Do everything as individuals. We take ownership as individuals, but drive action as a team.

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