Hiring A Players

The People:

Companies take immense pride in the teams they build, and it’s been shown that A players attract A players. This will help aid in building a kick-ass (strong, diverse, hard-working, creative, collaborative, and mission-driven) team!

An organization’s values, culture, and team will attract those who are passionate about their mission. Employees will stay because they love a challenge, working together to overcome obstacles, and forging tight bonds with coworkers in the process.

Building Your Team & Maintaining a High Bar:

So, how can your organization build an incredible team?

First, create a distinct culture and a unique set of values that will help you attract top talent.

Second, maintain a high bar for new talent. To ensure that your bar is consistently met for each new hire, it is beneficial to adopt a “screening out” model for all candidates. Unlike many companies who “screen in” candidates during the formal interview process, your team’s “screening out” model means candidates must meet a host of criteria (in addition to being qualified for the role) before they pass through to your formal interview process.

Adopting a “Screening Out” Model:

Asking the tough questions early on can help you quickly weed out candidates that aren’t a fit. This helps maintain a high bar and reduces interview fatigue for your teams. With higher quality candidates and fewer candidates to compare, you can make hires faster.

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