Live Curiously

A learning and growth mindset is how we evolve and grow as a business and as individuals. At its core, a growth mindset requires curiosity, humility, and openness to giving and receiving feedback from everyone we work with. It also requires the self-awareness and courage to adopt the viewpoint of “I don’t know how to do this…YET,” but also the tenacity, inquisitiveness, and focus to continually challenge ourselves to learn new skills. It means waking up each day hungry for feedback and using that to fuel our continuous improvement as a community.

As a collective group, Bolters are eager to grow and develop. We have the courage and drive to take on new things, even when it means learning from our failures. We believe that feedback is the lifeblood of progress and consistently seek input from across the organization, as well as our customers, partners and the broader market. In our view, sharing candid, constructive feedback (both positive and negative) is the ultimate gift, and we do it because we want the same feedback in return.

In practice, this means we:

  • Seek continuous improvement.
  • Take pride in helping others through (critical and positive) feedback.
  • Are aware of our circle of competence and are striving to expand it.
  • Are brave in trying new things.
  • Actively try to learn from our mistakes.
  • Believe that growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.
  • Understand that feedback, especially constructive, critical feedback, helps us grow.
  • Hire those who exhibit a strong willingness to learn, over pedigree.
  • When hiring and promoting, look for future potential and track record.
  • Fundamentally believe that with the right expectations and direction, people can grow to take on new challenges and surpass expectations.
  • Accept that we are not perfect but strive to get better and better.

This does not mean we:

  • Are careless in providing feedback – we use systems to provide feedback when the recipient is open and ready.
  • Are unwilling to be assertive when we have conviction; it is possible to be assertive with humility.
  • Let people off the hook – making the same mistake over and over again is not okay.

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