Mission, Vision, & Values

A company’s mission, vision, and values serve both as a foundation and a guidepost for decision-making at any organization. Each should be top-of-mind always and it’s worth taking the time to get them right in the early stages of establishing a business. This doesn’t mean they won’t evolve over the years, but does mean that you’re consciously acknowledging your intention.

Following is a look at the mission, vision, and operating values that we live by at Bolt.

Bolt’s Mission

Bolt democratizes commerce by making online buying easy, trusted, and consistent for millions of happy shoppers so that independent retailers can thrive.

Bolt’s Vision

Buying online should be easy, trusted, and consistent. Bolt is setting a new standard for commerce. A network of millions of happy shoppers built by thriving retailers bring the network and conversion benefits of a major marketplace to every independent retailer. Bolt powered experiences level the commerce playing field to help retailers sell more, grow faster, and be in control of their own destiny.

Bolt’s Operating Values

Since the start, Bolt has been values-driven. Our operating values are the building blocks of the culture and help define what’s important, set the standard for how we work, and facilitate our execution against goals. They are the backbone of everything from hiring to management to building and selling our product. These operating values and our culture are the foundation upon which Bolt’s success is built.

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