United & Unique

On our mission to democratize commerce, the Bolt platform levels the playing field for everyone. As a company, we are committed to designing products, building a culture, and supporting a team that reflects the diverse population we serve (that is, everyone).

While our team is united by many shared values (hunger to solve hard problems, passion for our mission, thoughtfulness, etc.), we see our individual differences as a competitive advantage. We value the strength that comes when we acknowledge, respect, and embrace our unique histories, skills, and experiences. And, we firmly believe that we win when we are united in our differences.

From our earliest days, we have demonstrated a determination to think, act, and innovate differently; forging our own path in how we approach everything from our product to our culture. To this end, we support diverse opinions and perspectives, foster outside-the-box ideas, and push each other to think big and take risks (see: Be 20% Wrong, Chase 10X).

Above all, we recognize that we would not be where we are without surrounding ourselves with the strongest team possible – a team that is composed of myriad voices, backgrounds, experiences, skills, and viewpoints. In addition to building a diverse team, we are committed to creating an environment where all voices are given opportunities and platforms to lead, team members have the feeling and reality of belonging, and all individuals can grow and develop to their potential.

In action, this means we:

  • Seek out diverse perspectives, approaches, and skills to inform and inspire our work.
  • Think creatively – not just on how we improve something incrementally, but how we change it completely.
  • Are committed to building a diverse team across the organization.
  • Respect and value each other’s differences and do not allow our own beliefs to create harm to another person.
  • Foster inclusivity, awareness, and equity at every level of our organization.
  • Have a bias toward asynchronous communication and writing > talking, as a way of showing respect for others’ time.
  • Respectfully seek out diverse voices and perspectives. Reach outside of your department or team to get feedback. Be consciously inclusive by giving everyone an opportunity to speak up.
  • Strive to make everyone feel safe in our community by celebrating people’s differences/points of view/ways of expressing themselves.
  • Work to understand our implicit biases and to help others understand theirs.

This does not mean we:

  • Overcomplicate or reinvent things just for the sake of it; it needs to be something well thought out and worth the work.
  • Hire or promote people just for diversity’s sake, or exclude or malign talent that is well represented.
  • Do not make mistakes. We recognize that we are all human, and come with different biases. It is OK to slip up, but we must also learn from our missteps, work to do better, and continue to grow our understanding of the world.
  • Give everyone the same. Equity means that we work to give everyone a fair opportunity and sometimes people who need it may get more.
  • Are rude about holding others accountable. We should all help each other to learn and grow in creating a more diverse and inclusive environment. This takes understanding, respect, and empathy for our co-workers.
  • We all share the same beliefs. The whole idea of diversity is that we all have different experiences, beliefs, and perspectives. That is what makes life rich and interesting.

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