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As a Conscious Company, I commit to: As a Conscious Company, I commit to: icon

  1. Practicing wellness: putting the team’s health and well-being first.
  2. Championing diversity: welcoming people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and philosophies.
  3. Cultivating trust: building trust through transparency and candid collaboration.
  4. Doing good business: committing to ethical practices in actions with team, value chain, customers, and the world.
  5. Managing standards: implementing high but fair standards with a practice of accountability.
  6. Getting results: prioritizing the right business outcomes.

Why go Conscious? Why go Conscious? icon

  1. Establish a cultural north star that you can begin executing against today.
  2. Separate yourself from the crowd of unconscious cultures.
  3. Leverage your commitment to the pledge as a recruiting asset.
  4. Skip steps and avoid common cultural pitfalls that will otherwise be costly.

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What are we committing to as a Conscious Culture Company?

We do expect that your company will commit to the values of Conscious Culture. We know that no two businesses are exactly alike, and no two companies are going to apply these values in the same way. The whole point of the Conscious Culture movement is that we’re providing an array of tools, techniques, and tips to improve culture, but doing so is a choose-your-own-adventure mission.

Use the examples of other Conscious Culture companies in how they have implemented the values of Conscious Culture into operational activities such as meeting management, work hours, compensation, diversity, etc. We do hope you participate in the community and share your own culture stories.

How will know if we’re following the commitments?

The pledge is a public commitment, and as such each company holds themselves accountable. We ask that you make an active effort to adopt the principles of a Conscious Culture and strive to improve the working environment for all of your employees. We also ask our Conscious Culture companies to participate in benchmark surveys designed to learn from the progress companies make in culture work.

For more information please see our FAQ page

What’s Next? What’s Next? icon


Tell Your Leadership Team

Align your leadership team around The Pledge Principles as something you will all commit to working towards. It does not mean you implement them all day one, but rather use the principles as an aspirational north star.


Tell Your Employees

Tell your employees about the pledge! We recommend a company announcement followed by a Q&A session with your team where you give everyone a chance to ask questions. The most frequently asked question will likely be around “what next?” It’s important to put together an action plan and emphasize to your team that taking the pledge is just the first step. Take responsibility for not being at your desired end-state today, and explain that the next steps you all take together are what count.

Additionally, encourage your employees to subscribe to Conscious Culture so they receive updates on our content and upcoming events.


Get Added to

We will soon reach out to the email you provided to verify information and collect any information we need. Once we add your company, we’ll be sending some onboarding information.


Plan A Public Announcement

After you get added to, we’ll help you coordinate a public announcement as well as amplify your voice on social and press. If you want to start planning in advance, message us at [email protected].


Start the Real Work!

Once you’ve taken the pledge, it’s your responsibility to follow it. We recommend starting small and explaining to your team that this will be a gradual process over time. What matters is that you’re starting the process and making a conscious effort around culture. There is nothing more rewarding than executing consciously. If you do it right, you and your team will find more enjoyment than ever in the workplace, all the while executing better together than ever before.

Get started with our Conscious Culture values workbook.

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After you have applied to be a Conscious Company, add the badge to your site and drop us a line so we can add you to our list.

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From this point on, we adhere to following the 6 Commitments of a Conscious Culture.

We give Conscious Culture permission to champion us as a Conscious Company and include our logo and a link to our website on

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