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  • Don’t ask me that
  • My [breasts, vagina] got in the way


What do you hate being asked at work? What would you rather be asked?

I was asked so many times about when I am planning a kid and other personal stuff instead of how do I plan my career and how can the company support/guide me in achieving that.

Describe a time when you were reminded you were a woman @ work in a negative way–any moment when you were made to feel self-conscious about being a woman.

Ahh plenty of times! The worst being when despite having a sick kid, I pulled off a tight timeline project (just had to do a lot working from home) but I was refused a promotion because of this incident and that as a working mother I was not reliable enough to be the manager! And this was when the client openly appreciated my knowledge and efforts and attention to detail and timeline in front of my management. On another occasion, I was ‘Subtly’ suggested that the concept of a working mother is a myth, as a woman can either be a good mother or a good professional.

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