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  • Overcoming fear of making a mistake


Overcoming fear of making a mistake

Like anyone else, I don’t look forward to making a mistake. But I have realized that if I make a mistake today, it is a learning for tomorrow. And if you are lucky, a mistake might even become a humorous anecdote in your career!

How many conversations or decisions are you making at work every single day? Probably a lot. So if you are not making a mistake every now and then, you are likely playing it too safe. Push yourself, don’t let fear of making a mistake or being wrong every once in a while hold you back. Perfection is overrated.

My other perspective is that you can’t take yourself too seriously. We’re all human. We are often more forgiving to others than we are with ourselves. So cut yourself a little slack, learn from your mistake so you don’t make the same mistake twice, and move on.

Finally, be gracious and own your mistakes. Own it and show that you have learned from it. You will be viewed as stronger and wiser because of it.

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Co-Founder & COO, Beatbox Beverages

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Director of Engineering, Imperfect Foods

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Executive Director, Naturally Network

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Executive Director, Conscious Culture


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