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Write a thank you letter to someone who has helped you navigate the additional layer of being at work as a woman

To my sexist manager; thank you for giving me the boot when I was told to run around the hoops you told me to – and I didn’t complete them on your terms. Not only did it catapult me into an industry and company that I deserved to be in, it gave me the confidence to speak up louder, more proudly, and much more honestly to be heard and seen as someone who deserves what she earned on her own.

Tell us about a thing you have wanted to do and were told you couldn’t–or were made to feel as though you couldn’t–and you think it’s because you’re a woman?

Climb any sort of ladder. As a female creative, it was always my job to just ‘do the work in front of me’ and not reach for the stars. Promotions weren’t given out to me and my female counters, only to the male counters. I had to earn them and it sometimes took nearly triple the time a male would have gotten it.

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