Redesigning for Better Work Summit 2022

Redesigning for Better Work Summit 2022

Conscious Culture hosted this gathering to explore the ways companies can redesign critical work structures of time and space and why these changes are part of the larger commitment to making work better for everyone. You’ll hear business leaders, researchers, and practitioners share stories that will inspire and frameworks your team needs to make work better. We hit all the key trending topics of company culture, four-day workweeks, hybrid / remote / back to office motions, and employee awakenings and resignations. We believe you’ll be inspired, gain new perspectives, and learn new leadership skills through these recordings.


Panel: Getting unstuck: how to make work work beyond place and time
Join a panel of leaders and practitioners as they have a lively discussion on the behaviors, structures, and group processes that you’ll need to move beyond the forced constructs of the past two years to an empowering new future of work. Moderator: Dr. Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, author, founder, speaker…
Panel: Out of time: rethinking the work day
Work will fill the space you give to it. But more hours does not mean better work. Join business leaders for a discussion of how their companies are challenging the concept of “more is better.” From four-day workweeks to focused time and no meeting days, these companies are rethinking the
Panel: Why do this culture thing?
What kind of investment do you need to make in company culture and is it worth it? Learn why companies make the commitment to make work culture a priority and how it pays off. Moderator: Heatherly Bucher, Executive Director, Conscious Culture Panelists: Jennifer Christie, Chief People Officer, Bolt…
Panel: Places and Spaces : where does work happen
The four walls defining where much work happens have fallen. Join in on this conversation about where work happens–office, hybrid, remote-first, anywhere–and leaders who think it’s not only inevitable but could be the best thing that has happened to strengthen company cultures and make work truly be…


Workshop: Designing time to make work less hectic and more fulfilling
We can design time, just as we design products and spaces. Some of history’s most noted scientists and creatives spent years tinkering with their working hours and routines, and discovered counterintuitive but science-based practices that helped them have more insights and better lives. Today, compa…
Workshop: Creating empathy in the workspace
Empathy is the hot topic and in demand skill for leaders and managers at organizations in 2022. But how do you do this? How does empathy fit into a workspace where functional rational thinking has been valued over EQ skills for generations? This interactive workshop will clarify the role of
Workshop: Starting Culture Work
Whether your company is young with a blank slate or established with much history, you need a plan for how to start your culture work. Come explore how applying best practices from the technology implementation discipline can help your teams be more successful in culture work. Hosted by: Heatherly B…
Workshop: This could have been an email
My name is Tim Hickle, and I hate meetings. Well, let me rephrase. I hate ineffective meetings. The problem is, so many of them are so gosh-darn ineffective that it’s hard not to hate them all. So, I did the most natural thing to do when you hate something…
Workshop: Redesigning for balance and energy
Redesigning work can be enhanced with a greater sense of who we are and what’s important to us. Issues like work/life balance and how our energy changes throughout the day can become design parameters that we can assess and work with. Join this session to collaborate with others,
Workshop: Making a difference with active listening
As individuals start to consider the future of work, active listening skills will be essential in helping individuals feel heard, validated, and connected to one another. Listening is one of our most challenging activities and an art form that requires considerable practice throughout one’s life. Th…
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