What is conscious culture and why do we need it?

What is conscious culture and why do we need it?

It’s no secret that your company is only as good as your people, and your people are only as good as the teams they work within. Great teams can only exist with great cultures.

Culture is a buzzword that’s often thrown around in times of change and is famously hard to measure, but it doesn't have to be difficult to begin building culture. Conscious.org was launched to share ideas, resources, and knowledge about culture, including tapping into partner resources like Bolt’s culture playbooks. While no company will ever be perfect, it’s more important than ever to be conscious of how your operations and culture work together to best support your employees and accomplish your business goals.

What is Conscious Culture?

A Conscious Culture is a culture built on purpose. A Conscious Culture means that time and effort have been invested in making sure that how your company operates is as important as your business outcomes.

Every individual company will have their own unique culture, but the through-line for what makes a Conscious Culture is that it's built upon the following foundational principles:


Putting the teams' health and well-being first.


Welcoming people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and philosophies.


Cultivating trust through transparency and candid collaboration.

Good Business

Committing to ethical practices in actions with team, value chain, customers, and the world.


Implementing high but fair standards with a practice of accountability.


Prioritizing the right business outcomes.

A Conscious Culture in practice can take many forms. Examples of how a Conscious Culture plays out could include making sure your teammates feel valued through employee recognition and respectful working hours; giving frequent, honest, and fair feedback; and actively fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates our uniqueness, and allows everybody to thrive.

Why is building a Conscious Culture important?

With 95% of American workers saying they believed an overall fit was crucial to their happiness in their jobs, according to a survey conducted by Monster, making sure that employees are supported both professionally and culturally is more important than ever.

By not actively prioritizing company culture, you’re giving the impression that culture, and how your employees feel while working at your company, are not important. Building a Conscious Culture should not be seen as a “nice to have.” In a crowded job market and a hectic world, having the best company culture is important for your employees to experience and your customers to know about.

How can I build a Conscious Culture?

Building a Conscious Culture in your workplace starts with recognizing that your company is ready for a change. This could be either a full culture re-write, or small culture tweaks based on employee feedback. It’s important to remember that a culture is a living, breathing thing that will evolve and change as your company grows and changes.

conscious.org - where to start

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