Conscious Culture: A World Changing Idea

Conscious Culture: A World Changing Idea

Conscious Culture and our movement to make work better has been given an honorable mention in Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards.

Announced today, the World Changing Ideas Awards honor clean technology, innovative corporate initiatives, brave new designs for cities and buildings, and other creative works that are supporting the growth of positive social innovation, tackling social inequality, climate change, and public health crises. Conscious Culture is honored to have been recognized by Fast Company in these awards in the Workplace category, a new category in 2022 recognizing projects that improve our lives in the office, increase employees rights, or make work safer, smarter, or more meaningful.

Despite being only nine months old, the Conscious Culture mission has been adopted by 155 companies. Executive Director of Conscious Culture Heatherly Bucher shared:

“The Conscious Culture movement is about more than just empowering leaders to build better company cultures. It’s an opportunity to build a space where work can be fundamentally redesigned; from when and where we work, to how we communicate, to what roles work plays in our lives, communities, and the world.”

A Conscious Culture is a work culture built on purpose, that cares about its people as much as it cares about its business outcomes. The go-to hub for resources, connections, and culture playbooks; our website is an innovating, open-source knowledge base for building better companies.

In 2022 Conscious Culture have launched a podcast, a virtual summit, and are about to launch an exclusive online community space for executives and leaders to network, share culture learnings, and form connections.

Being recognized as a World Changing Idea by Fast Company validates the need for Conscious Culture in the first place: work should be better. By creating this Conscious Culture movement, we’re able to bring together like-minded leaders, experts, and people committed to improving work.

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