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We hope you were able to make it to our Redesigning for Better Work Summit! Thank you to all of our speakers and participants for making it a wonderful event. If you are interested in watching our workshop or panel recordings, click below and enjoy!

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About the Event

Conscious Culture hosted this gathering to explore the ways companies can redesign critical work structures of time and space and why these changes are part of the larger commitment to making work better for everyone. You’ll hear business leaders, researchers, and practitioners share stories that will inspire and frameworks your team needs to make work better. We hit all the key trending topics of company culture, four-day workweeks, hybrid / remote / back to office motions, and employee awakenings and resignations. We believe you’ll be inspired, gain new perspectives, and learn new leadership skills through these recordings.

Program Schedule

  • Panel

    Why do this culture thing?

    What kind of investment do you need to make in company culture and is it worth it? Learn why companies make the commitment to make work culture a priority and how it pays off.


    Heatherly Bucher, Executive Director, Conscious Culture


    Jennifer Christie, Chief People Officer, Bolt

    Erica Plybeah, Founder, Medhaul

    Sukhendra Rompally, CEO, Chezuba

  • Workshop

    Starting culture work: borrowing a technology approach

    Whether your company is young with a blank slate or established with much history, you need a plan for how to start your culture work. Come explore how applying best practices from the technology implementation discipline can help your teams be more successful in culture work.

    Heatherly Bucher, Executive Director, Conscious Culture

    Jamie Inghram, Strategic Solutions Engineer, Bolt

  • Panel

    Out of time: rethinking the work day

    Work will fill the space you give to it. But more hours does not mean better work. Join business leaders for a discussion of how their companies are challenging the concept of “more is better.” From four-day workweeks to focused time and no meeting days, these companies are rethinking the work day.


    Phil McParlane, Founder,


    Nikki Coleman, COO, We Are Rosie

    Gabe Greenberg, Founder, G2i

    Diego Sternberg, Founder, Nexton

  • Workshop

    Creating space for empathy in the workplace

    Empathy is the hot topic and in demand skill for leaders and managers at organizations in 2022. But how do you do this? How does empathy fit into a workspace where functional rational thinking has been valued over EQ skills for generations? This interactive workshop will clarify the role of empathy at work and in leadership and provide practical tips, tricks and examples.

    Rob Volpe, CEO, Ignite 360 and author of Tell Me More About That

  • Workshop

    Designing time to make work less hectic and more fulfilling

    We can design time, just as we design products and spaces. Some of history’s most noted scientists and creatives spent years tinkering with their working hours and routines, and discovered counterintuitive but science-based practices that helped them have more insights and better lives. Today, companies around the world are redesigning their workweeks, creating more quality time, and helping people do more meaningful work. In this session, cosponsored by 4 Day Week Global, we’ll talk about why individuals and companies should redesign their routines and working hours; how people and organizations can do it; and how it can help us all create a better future for work.

    Dr. Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, author, founder, speaker, and Global Programs and Development Manager, 4DayWeek

    Joe O’Connor, CEO, 4DayWeekGlobal

  • Panel

    Places and spaces: where does work happen

    The four walls defining where much work happens have fallen. Join in on this conversation about where work happens–office, hybrid, remote-first, anywhere–and leaders who think it’s not only inevitable but could be the best thing that has happened to strengthen company cultures and make work truly better for everyone.


    Sharon Reddehase Naturally Network


    Lona Alia, Head of Revenue, SafetyWing

    Melissa Donelly, VP Executive Sales, Bolt

    Sean Conner, Co-Founder and Chief Progress Officer, Force Brands

    Justin Mitchell, CEO, YAC

  • Panel

    Getting unstuck: how to make work work beyond place and time

    Join a panel of leaders and practitioners as they have a lively discussion on the behaviors, structures, and group processes that you’ll need to move beyond the forced constructs of the past two years to an empowering new future of work.


    Dr. Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, author, founder, speaker, and Global Programs and Development Manger, 4DayWeek


    Steve Chalgren, VP and GM Specification Program, Bluetooth

    Vita Kwan, Brand Partnerships Manager, Girlboss

    Iwo Szapar, CEO, Remote-How

  • Workshop

    Making a difference with active listening

    As individuals start to consider the future of work, active listening skills will be essential in helping individuals feel heard, validated, and connected to one another. Listening is one of our most challenging activities and an art form that requires considerable practice throughout one’s life. This workshop focuses on active listening with concrete definitions of terms and strategies that can be used in everyday life.

    Dr. Elyse Dub, founder, Insight Onsite and licensed psychologist

  • Workshop

    Redesigning for Balance and Energy

    Redesigning work can be enhanced with a greater sense of who we are and what’s important to us. Issues like work/life balance and how our energy changes throughout the day can become design parameters that we can assess and work with. Join this session to collaborate with others, consider a reframe for balance, learn design strategies to make changes for more energy and balance, and explore how those changes can positively impact your organization’s culture.

    Michael Cato, Certified Designing Your Life Facilitator & Inclusive Leader, IT Executive

    Heather Shaughnessy-Cato Certified Designing Your Life Facilitator and Coach & Owner, Fieldbrook Advising

  • Workshop

    This could have been an email: what leads to nightmarish meetings and what you can do to avoid them

    My name is Tim Hickle, and I hate meetings. Well, let me rephrase. I hate ineffective meetings. The problem is, so many of them are so gosh-darn ineffective that it’s hard not to hate them all. So, I did the most natural thing to do when you hate something… I learned everything about it. I read books, listened to podcasts, watched webinars, and tested as many methodologies as possible to figure out why so many meetings suck and why we just can’t seem to break the spell. In this session, we will talk about what I’ve learned and what you can do to implement these lessons in your organization. We will: Discuss meetings… What are they and why do we do them? Define an effective meeting

    Tim Hickle, Director of Marketing, Greenlight Guru

Our Speakers

Conscious Culture is honored to work with amazing speakers from business, academia, and research foundations. Our speakers are practitioners and leaders.

Lona Alia

Lona Alia (she/her)

Head of Revenue, SafetyWing

Venture Backed Y combinator founder at StyleLend. Head of Revenue at SafetyWing. Advisor to Startups and EU for Innovation. Remote Work Advocate. Expert at building fully remote teams from $0 to Millions in revenue in 12 months. Digital Nomad who has worked and traveled to 80+ countries; Currently living in Playa Del Carmen.

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Heatherly Bucher

Heatherly Bucher (she/her)

Executive Director, Conscious Culture

Heatherly has helped many of the world’s leading product companies identify their challenges, find technology solutions, and navigate cultural changes. In social change spaces, Heatherly was a co-founder and board of director for a 10-year women’s livelihood program in Myanmar. She believes we can use data and storytelling to solve hard problems, connect with each other, and build better work cultures.

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Michael Cato

Michael Cato (he/him)

Certified Designing Your Life Facilitator Inclusive Leader, IT Executive, Fieldbrook Advising

Steve Chalgren

Steve Chalgren (he/him)

VP and GM Specification Program, Bluetooth

Jennifer Christie

Jennifer Christie (she/her)

Chief People Officer, Bolt

Jennifer is the Chief People Officer at Bolt. Prior to Bolt, Jennifer was the Chief Human Resources Officer at Twitter. She is a member of the board of directors for Special Love, a nonprofit organization that supports children with cancer and their families. She is also a member of the board of directors for All In Together, an organization that encourages, equips, educates, and empowers women to participate in civic and political life.

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Nikki Coleman

Nikki Coleman (she/her)

Nikki has led Operations at We Are Rosie since 2018, managing legal, human resources, compliance, business affairs, and IT. Most recently transitioning into leading People Operations and Culture for We Are Rosie, Nikki focuses on the synchronization of HR strategies with organizational goals and ensures an optimal experience at every touch-point in the employment life-cycle. As COO, she is our champion of change, maker and breaker of process, organizational accountability partner, and operational wizard, driven to keep We Are Rosie in flow. Prior to joining We Are Rosie, Nikki created marketing and educational strategies for global medical device ventures. During her time at one medical device startup, she led operational support for the integration of eight company-funded acquisitions, as well as IPO and PE efforts, which led to a PE transaction.

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Sean Conner

Sean Conner (he/him)

Co-Founder and Chief Progress Officer, Force Brands

Sean is the Co-Founder and Chief Progress Officer of ForceBrands, the leader in strategic hiring for consumer brands. Sean provides leadership and direction for the company’s client experience, overseeing key touchpoints on the customer journey. Sean has successfully executed a full spectrum of assignments on behalf of clients that include identifying growth strategies and opportunities through thoughtful organization design sessions; developing strategic ways to elevate a process within a search; or building customized hiring solutions in collaboration with the sales team.

Sean has 15 years of consumer brand hiring subject matter expertise. He works with growth stage and middle-market businesses to support executive-level and board placements at brands that include Hu, Wana Brands, HumanCo, NotCo, AB InBev, Open Farm, True Terpenes, and Cora Life, among others.

Sean is a thought leader within the CPG industry serving in various board and advisory roles. He is an advisor to OSC2/JEDI Collaborative, a diversity initiative for the natural products industry; a mentor with Project Potluck, a professional community supporting People of Color in CPG; and is on the board for Naturally New York, a community organization that fosters sustainable and responsible business practices in the industry. He lives with his wife and three daughters in Connecticut.

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Melissa Donelly

Melissa Donelly (she/her)

VP Executive Sales, Bolt

In her role at Bolt, Melissa leads the company’s Strategic Sales Team. Prior to Bolt, Melissa led the American’s Sales team at Flooid, where she and her team sold Unified Commerce solutions to major retailers. Prior to joining Flooid, Melissa held various Sales Management Roles at companies including Cardtronics where she led the Financial Systems team, JDA where she led the Strategic Retail Sales team, and NCR. Melissa has lived the virtual-hybrid worklife and managed remote teams for years. Melissa is based out of Dallas where she lives with her husband. She has a son at UT Dallas where he goes to school and plays basketball and a daughter that is completing her MBA at Texas State University.

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Dr. Elyse Dub

Dr. Elyse Dub (she/her)

Founder, Insight Onsite and licensed psychologist

Dr. Elyse Dub is a licensed psychologist and founder of Insight Onsite, a life wellness company focused on building a sense of belonging within the workplace through interactive group discussions and individual sessions imbedded into the workday. Dr. Dub has over two decades of experience working in both the public and private sectors with both adults and children. She has provided treatment to individuals and small groups with a focus on the exploration of factors that can facilitate goal-attainment. She works with clients to determine personalized, realistic, and concrete strategies that can be independently implemented. She strongly believes in cross-functional work and seeks to access positive supports on the path to implementing lasting change. She also coaches others to help develop executive functioning skills such as task initiation and persistence, planning/prioritizing, flexibility, task delegation, and time estimation and management. She conducts workshops for large groups and organizations to help foster professional, collaborative working relationships by building listening skills, empathy, and compassion. Dr. Dub is a member of the American Psychological Association and the National Association of School Psychologists.

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Gabe Greenberg

Gabe Greenberg (he/him)

Founder/CEO, G2i

Gabe is the CEO & Founder of G2i, the first hiring platform to put developer health first. He has seen burnout all too often in tech and is on a mission to push back against it. He is building a "deep job platform" that offers services to support the mental, physical, and emotional health of software developers in addition to matching them with jobs they love. He is also the co-organizer of React Miami and Reactiflux and prefers climbing large rocks in his spare time.

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Tim Hickle

Tim Hickle (he/him)

Director of Content & Community, Greenlight Guru

Jamie Inghram

Jamie Inghram (he/him)

Strategic Solutions Engineer, Bolt

Before joining Bolt, Jamie spent 15 years in eDiscovery software and consulting. Jamie worked with corporations, law firms, and government agencies around the world improving their investigation, review, and analytics capabilities. Prior to this Jamie held leadership and technical positions at Oracle and Sprint.

Jamie holds a M.A. in Information Technology Management from Webster University and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

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Vita Kwan

Vita Kwan (she/her)

Brand Partnerships Manager, Girlboss

With a passion for working with brands and helping them through their growth, Vita started her career in technology selling into with enterprise CPG clients such as L'Oreal, LVMH, Shiseido, where she helped lead successful strategic partnerships. She took this experience to Girlboss, a media company with a mission to help women navigate the future of work and spark the thrill of possibility, to help scale the partnerships function. Starting fully remote for the first time, she's currently on a journey to redefine the meaning of work and how companies can build better work environments so we can truly live and thrive.

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Phil McParlane

Phil McParlane (he/him)


Phil is a Software Developer, turned Data Scientist, turned 4 day work week advocate and founder of - Software jobs with a better work-life balance.

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Justin Mitchell

Justin Mitchell (he/him)


Justin Mitchell is the founder of Yac, an async meeting tool for remote teams. Previously Justin founded a biometric fintech company which IPO'd on the NASDAQ before he exited and started the product design studio SoFriendly where Yac was initially built. Justin's work has been featured in Wired, Fast Company, TechCrunch & the Wall Street Journal.

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Joe O'Connor

Joe O'Connor (he/him)

CEO, 4dayweek

Joe is the CEO of 4 Day Week Global, where he is responsible for the organization's strategic, financial and operational leadership.

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Dr. Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

Dr. Alex Soojung-Kim Pang (he/him)

Author, founder, speaker, and Global Programs and Development Manager, 4DayWeek

Erica Plybeah

Erica Plybeah (she/her)

Founder, MedHaul

Erica founded MedHaul in 2017 to innovate the broken medical transportation industry. Growing up in the Mississippi Delta, Erica observed extreme poverty, ill health and needless suffering, which fed her passion for ensuring all people have the freedom to participate in their own care. Erica has led large-scale technology development and implementation at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Flatiron Health, Epic Systems and Cerner EMR. Recognized as a leader working to address inadequacies in healthcare, Erica has been chosen as an Aspen Institute Healthy Communities Fellow for 2022.

After working within multiple health systems and noticing the various social barriers that exist, Erica founded MedHaul, an end-to-end platform for finding and scheduling transportation for vulnerable patient populations. To date, Erica and MedHaul have been recognized by Forbes, Essence Magazine, Google and NPR, and backed by notable organizations including Morgan Stanley, Citi Ventures, Google, BlueCross BlueShield, and Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund making her one of few Black women in history to raise over $1M in venture capital.

Erica is a University of Wisconsin Madison alumna and is also a member of the American College of Health Executives (ACHE), Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS), and the National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE). Erica serves as a mentor through multiple local initiatives that exist to eliminate poverty and empower children and young adults to become entrepreneurs.

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Sharon Reddehase

Sharon Reddehase (she/her)

Executive Director, Naturally Network

Sharon is a lifelong business builder. For over 25 years, Sharon has worked in the areas of strategic planning, investment and operations management in the for-profit and non-for-profit sectors. She began her career managing strategy and expansion efforts for Hewlett-Packard and Dell. She’s built and scaled several start-up businesses in the areas of education technology and investment management as well as served in a grant-making role at the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. Prior to joining Naturally Network, Sharon oversaw social impact services for Notley where she worked alongside the Naturally Austin team from inception to the thriving organization it is today. Over the past 15 years Sharon has been an advisor, board member and mentor to numerous boards with a passion for applying business principles to nonprofits to scale and grow social impact. Sharon holds a BBA in Marketing from The University of Texas at Austin. She is a lifelong advocate of healthy living and in her spare time, you can find her running, hiking, and planning her next travel adventures with friends and family.

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Sukhendra Rompally

Sukhendra Rompally (he/him)

CEO, Chezuba

Sukhendra is on a mission to bring 'global' and 'social' together to make the world more impactful. He has worked in the areas of Marketing, Business Development, HR Management, and Product Management in travel, gaming, HR-tech, and SaaS industries, in Malaysia, Russia, Taiwan, and India. Diversity in his work areas and workplaces made him look at things from multiple perspectives and hence helped him start up a global online volunteering platform, Chezuba - a platform which he believes will make 'making an impact' as easy as ordering food or finding a date. He is a social entrepreneur and a recipient of Forbes 30 under 30.

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Heather Shaughnessy-Cato

Heather Shaughnessy-Cato (she/her)

Certified Designing Your Life Facilitator and Coach, Fieldbrook Advising

Diego Sternberg

Diego Sternberg (he/him)

Founder, Nexton

Experienced entrepreneur, Founder, and CEO with a demonstrated history of working in the tech industry. Founded Nexton on the premise of Remote Work, and the positive impact it is having on the global economy and the lives of high-performance professionals.

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Iwo Szapar

Iwo Szapar (he/him)

CEO, Remote How

Rob Volpe

Rob Volpe (he/him)

CEO, Ignite 360

Rob Volpe is the author of Tell Me More About That: Solving the Empathy Crisis One Conversation at a Time. Rob is the CEO of Ignite 360, where he leads a team of creative and strategic professionals conducting innovative qualitative market research for the world’s leading brands. He’s a thought leader in the role of empathy in marketing and the workplace, speaking at conferences, corporations, and colleges.

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