What We Learned About Work in 2021 – and What it Means Moving Forward

What We Learned About Work in 2021 – and What it Means Moving Forward

People are opting out. Work itself is being questioned.

More people are now re-evaluating all things work they once accepted without thought, from schedules, environment, and expectations to compensation, career advancement, and recognition. To borrow from Malcom Gladwell, we’ve reached a tipping point, a convergence of societal forces, technology adoption, and a global pandemic, and people across industries around the world are demanding better work.

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What does this mean for Conscious Culture?

The Great Resignation of 2021 saw a staggering 46+ million employees in the US leave their jobs, the highest in a twenty-year reporting period, and Europe and Asia experienced similar trends of high by-choice unemployment rates. While most industries saw record level quits, industries that struggle to value employees through low compensation, poor work cultures, and challenging or unsafe work environments have seen the highest rates and should expect the trend to continue.

How do companies respond? Which companies will thrive in this new era? Conscious Culture is a place for leaders who understand great execution relies on people. We recently asked our early community members what matters to them, how they will make work better in 2022, and why being a Conscious Culture company is critical to their success.

What did we learn about work in 2021?

In Making Work Better in 2022, Conscious Culture sought to understand the challenges that brought companies to a commitment to make work culture a priority. One of our key takeaways is that the organizations in the Conscious Culture community recognize the need to invest in all things related to people more than ever. According to our research, C-Suite leaders make the Conscious Culture commitment for their companies and understand they influence their company culture. And, in keeping with the changes sweeping across the globe, Conscious Culture resonates with companies from all industries.

In our blog on The Great Resignation, we explore how talent (people) have a choice in this buyer’s market. Companies also have a choice–to consciously develop strong, vibrant work cultures that attract and retain a fabulous team. In our survey of the early members of Conscious Culture, we found leaders had many reasons for joining our community, including making a public statement of commitment for accountability, gaining tools and resources, connecting with other companies committed to conscious work cultures, and being inspired by peers.

Conscious Culture in 2022

Conscious Culture launched mid-year 2021 and is still young. Our vision is a world where companies do better for their people, which ripples through the economic, social, and environmental webs that we all work, live, and play in.

For companies to succeed in implementing conscious cultures, they need tools, community, and inspiration. We are listening to our community while we build bold for the greatest impact. We are building in three main areas.

To learn more about how Conscious Culture companies are thinking about work in 2022, what we are building @ Conscious Culture, and how you can join the movement, get your copy of the Making Work Better in 2022.

Read the Making Work Better Report:

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