Without a great team, you might have something today, but you have nothing tomorrow. This is a core belief at Bolt. We also believe that great teams only endure with great cultures.

Culture is not simply a list of values — every company will say they have a great culture and point to their values listed on a wall. The true test of culture, however, is how people operate day-to-day. It’s how people feel when everything is going well, but also in the face of adversity and uncertainty.

Bolt is a uniquely difficult business to build — a business that many had thought to be impossible. Because of this, team and culture had to be priority one from day one, even at the expense of short term momentum and growth.

A strong culture enables the ability to weather the inevitable storms that threaten every business. Our culture is by no means perfect, nor are we finished improving it. That is something every Bolter works hard at every day. However, we do believe that, if internalized, our Conscious Culture and practices will make anyone, or any company, more successful.

Our ultimate aim is to make sure that time spent at Bolt is a valuable part of a thriving career—past and present. The Bolt name should shine on a resume; not just because we are taking on some of the biggest challenges of our time and making headway in a hard-to-win industry, but also because we have created a work environment where people learn to drive impact, make big bets and take risks, and grow from feedback, all while fostering personal growth.